EQNA-UV Series

                                     EQNA-UV – Ilustrative Image

The EQNA-UV chamber was developed to accelerate the process of deterioration, loss of brightness and / or color, embrittlement of materials, through the action of UVA – UVB, Condensation and Thermal Shock irradiation.

It strictly complies with ASTM – ISO – SAE, and others upon request.   

– It has an integrated Radiometer with EQUV guaranteeing the calibration of the irradiation intensity, unique with calibration at 313, 340, and 351 nm

– With one UV sensor for each lamp pair for monitoring the intensity of irradiation during each test

– Construction according to UL508a

– All electronic components are UL listed

– All aluminum enclosure

– No need for sacrificial electrode in tray

– TOUCH SCREEN control panel, with easy programming of the cycles desired by the customer

– TOUCH SCREEN and CLP control panel, providing greater versatility in the equipment, with auto diagnostic functions that indicate possible malfunctions and periodic preventive maintenance, security system with audio visual alarm, among others.


Spec Sheet EQNA-UV  Spec Sheet EQNA-UV